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I'm bumping this one...cause I hate it when new threads start up on issues we've talked about before.

But recently had the most bizarre thing happen.

My opponent retired because she was upset that I'd played her first serve as "in" and would not concede to give her a 2nd Serve.

Situation: Opponent serving at 5*-5, 30*-40. She'd been serving well, with nice pace and depth. On the prior point, at 30*-30, she served one that landed on the line, I returned it, she then netted it...saying, oh I thought my ball was long. I'd replied, that no, it had looked good to me...and we moved over to the ad-court.

Now up in the game, ready to be aggressive on breakpoint, she hits a similar serve. I could see part of the line but no separation between the ball and line so I just cracked it for a DTL winner. Was it long? I dunno, maybe, but it was certainly close enough to play. And definitely close enough to not get pi$$y about it.

She immediately protested, saying it was WAAAY long and I just walked towards our bag explaining again, that I thought it was good, that I was normally a doubles player and sometimes struggle with calling the service line and tend to give every benefit of the doubt to the server (and had all set long). And that, finally, it was my call and I was calling it "good."

She blasted a ball into the fence, stormed over to her bag and started packing up with an "If you want to win the match that bad, well then you can have it. I'm done. I don't feel that well anyway."

She never shook my hand and was off the court and away from the complex in just minutes.

I was stunned. We'd had a good match with no other line call discussions except on the point prior. In fact, earlier in the match, she played one of my serves...that I had thought long...for a nice easy winner and I just shrugged it off as my bad for not sticking with it.

Whew. What a way to end my season. Say good-bye to USTA for me. Just gotten too crazy over the last year or so. Time to take a break. Funny, I just don't seem to remember all this drama when I first started up.
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