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totally with you. I will call it out but i call it out instantly as it hits so its not in question, lots of guys are concentration on getting the return in and also they want to be nice that if they don't see it out they call it in....well i see it out. 9 times out of ten when i do it they aren't hitting a winner off the serve. Of course if they have an issue i will always defer as it is their call... but a lot of times they think its long and look up for some verification and i confirm it. by UTSA I can ***** and say hey if YOU didn't see it out its in...and htis most often happens for me when i am killing an opponent.

happened last weekend at a tournament, he complained the next day about me calling my own shots out and the ref had to kindly inform him that i can except on 1st serve and btw that means you are getting a second serve.

unless a person has a killer spin second serve you should want it over a first serve anyway...... by complaining you are almost admitting its luck those few points you get in and hit a winner that get nullified, in which case know the rules and stand up for them if you want, but i am gonna claim those other 9 times out of 10 you are "unsure" of where the ball lands.

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This rule I'm not to fond of
If you are allow to call any of your own shots out including the 2nd serve than why do we have to play the point if it my 1st serve looks clearly long but my opponent still returns it?
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