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Corbind -

Thanks, much appreciated! The big list has been updated with:

20.4g ...(45.00") ... Babolat Smart Grip Kit ... (GripIs12.9g+LowerPad4.3g+UpperPad2.8g,Corbind,201 3)

17.0g … (GripL3) … (40.50") ... Babolat Smart Grip Kit ... (GripIs10.8g,LowerPad3.4g,UpperPad2.8g,InstalledOn 8"Pallet,Corbind,2013)

Originally Posted by GBplayer View Post
Wilson premium leather grip 25.5g ( sorry didn't measure thickness beforeputting on ).
Yonex vcore tour 97 factory grip. 12g 1.4mm thick 25mm width 105cm long ( tapered both ends ).
GB Player -

Thanks! I think those are installed/trimmed specs you are providing?, just want to be sure.
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