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AQ, I had something similar happen in a mixed match.

My lefty partner was in the deuce court. His BH is weak, so opposing male was serving wide.

My partner kept playing these serves, even though they were close to being out. I do not like to call the far sideline when my partner is returning because I have a poor vantage point, so there is no way I was going to overrule him on a ball he was playing as good.

After a few of these, the opponent protested that my partner was smoking these returns on serves opponent thought was out. It was uncomfortable, but what can you do?

In the situation you describe, there is one thing that would have made me angry had I been the server.

If I am playing the sort of player who frequently returns obviously out returns (and I am not saying you are!), it is upsetting when a serve that I see as long gets returned and I am not prepared to play it.

Think about it. You aren't supposed to T off on obviously out serves and should instead catch/swat/ignore them. If you T off on every serve, I cannot distinguish from your movement when you are playing the serve because it is in compared to hitting the serve because you always do.

It is one of many reasons I don't like it when people play obviously out serves.
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