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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
If I am playing the sort of player who frequently returns obviously out returns (and I am not saying you are!), it is upsetting when a serve that I see as long gets returned and I am not prepared to play it.
I rarely return an out ball, "obvious" or not...but probably don't get a lot of brownie pts from the folks here on TT...because I also rarely pocket it, especially in singles, and prefer to just let it go or deflect it into the net or side fence.

I could see where the situation you describe could be confusing, and like you, detest folks who T off on a ball they've already called out. Doubles, though, is a different scenario when you've got a partner calling the ball at the service line. There, I don't mind the returner whackin' away...especially if, as they mostly do around here, they apologize after hearing their partner's call.
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