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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
I rarely return an out ball, "obvious" or not...but probably don't get a lot of brownie pts from the folks here on TT...because I also rarely pocket it, especially in singles, and prefer to just let it go or deflect it into the net or side fence.

I could see where the situation you describe could be confusing, and like you, detest folks who T off on a ball they've already called out. Doubles, though, is a different scenario when you've got a partner calling the ball at the service line. There, I don't mind the returner whackin' away...especially if, as they mostly do around here, they apologize after hearing their partner's call.
Mmmm . . . Obviously Out Returning (OOR) is also pretty poor form in doubles. (Again, not accusing you; just talking generally).

There are three ways the serve can clear the net yet be out: Center line, sideline and service line. Of these, the returner has the best view of two of them.

So yes, T off on serves that are long (but not ridiculously long). Your partner is watching that line, and you need to return those close serves because you have delegated the task of calling that line to your partner. If you can stop yourself, of course you should stop when you hear your partner's call.

As for sideline and center line, the returner has the best view and should be specifically watching those lines. There should be few returns of obviously out serves on the sideline and center line, IMHO.

Again, I'm not saying you're guilty, AQ. Just pointing out that OOR is also a problem in doubles. Because it is also a safety issue in doubles (net players may have dropped their guard because the serve is so obviously out), I get pretty irritated about it in doubles too.

Maybe I need to put my money where my mouth is. I'm playing social dubs this weekend with an OOR Specialist. She Tees off on every return as hard as she can no matter how far out it is. Can't bring myself to call her out because, well, who needs the headache . . . .
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