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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Honestly, I've never tried the 1.28. I have always liked the livelier feel of thinner gauges, so if I'm going to try a string, I'll always go for the 17 or 16L first. If we're talking mm, then always the 1.20 to 1.25 before anything thinner or thicker. In my top favorite polys, scorpion is 1.22, b53 is 1.23, tornado is 1.23, iontec is 1.20 and pro hurricane is 1.20. I've tried most of these at other gauges, but these have hit me as the best. Opinion, obviously and of course
Cool, so I'm thinking of getting a reel of Scorpion but don't know if I should be trying a gauge so thin. I was going to try the 1.28 but if the 1.22 is that great and you don't break it like in 3 hits of a ball, then I may be inclined to try that. I'm using it in a Wilson Prostaff BLX 90 (Federer) frame.
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