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Originally Posted by newpball View Post
So all your tennis friends go to a public court and you do not like that?
So then where do you generally play tennis? Public courts?
It may be difficult for you to imagine, but pretend for a moment that you've got a large number of friends. Not all of them play tennis, but some of them do and you play with them.

Of those that play tennis with you, some of them play at one of the nice facilities with good courts. Some of them don't want to do that because they'd rather play on free, crappy courts than pay for court time.

They're all your friends, and you value all of them.

It sounds sort of like the guy who hates the spaghetti at the corner restaurant but he goes there everyday to eat the spaghetti.
No, I'm afraid it doesn't sort of sound like that it all. It sounds more like the guy who hates the spaghetti at the corner, and eats elsewhere most of the time -- but he has some friends who love the place because it's all you can eat for free even though they all admit it doesn't taste very good. And when those friends come over, he can't convince them to eat anywhere else, because free spaghetti is hard for these particular friends to pass up.

I understand that evidently that's going to be a really complex analogy for you to try to get straight, but believe me: You'll be a smarter person for working it all out.

Good luck.

And quit with the stalking already. It's weird.
I'd rather be playing tennis.
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