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Originally Posted by Thud and blunder View Post
I've been put in charge of a series of tennis sessions for kids at a school fun day.

3 groups; 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years. Half an hour each, so I should be able to fill the time in fine, but I would like to give it a bit of structure. The important point is that these are just normal kids who might take tennis as a weekly after-school activity, so ability range would vary considerably and average probably won't be that high.

Any good ideas for little games that can keep such groups interested? I don't know how many kids will sign up, but I'm not anticipating overwhelming numbers, especially as we are running two courts simultaneously.

All ideas much appreciated.
Adios everyone lines up across the net, one student goes to the middle of the service box (at the net) he/she will volley until they miss... then everyone says Adios, and a new person has their turn.... make each shot slightly more difficult so the same person doesn't get 5+ shots

Ghosts in the graveyard..... everyone gets in a line, then hits a ground stroke, if their shot is good they go to the end of the line.... if they hit it out, they go to the graveyard (the feeders side) and try to catch a shot before two bounces... if they catch a shot they go back in line.... eventually you have one person, if their shot is good, and no one catches it they win... if their shot is out, everyone goes back in line, and the person who hit the shot goes to the graveyard

Line game teach everyone the different lines, and areas of the court. Start everyone on the baseline facing the net, BE SURE TO SPREAD THEM OUT so they don't trip over each other !!!!!!!!!! then call a line/area and everyone races to the line/area.... last person is out

Lines/areas include net, fence, singles/doubles sidelines, alley, service line, service box....It is fun to yell fence, and point at the net

Always end with A racket race........students pair up, one stand on the singles sideline.... one on the doubles sideline.They face each other, and balance the racket vertically with 1 finger on their RIGHT hand..... the head of the racket touches the ground, the handle is balanced with one finger


then ON Your mark, get set, go.... and they grap each other's racket before it falls
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