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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
people who overestimate their playing level. i'm a bottom of the barrel 4.5 league player. if there was a 4.5 area beneath the bottom of that barrel -- like the dirt maybe, i'd be there.

have hit with a few folks who believed they are 4.5 and 5.0 players. the problem with their estimation is they lose to me love and one.

when i explain to them that they would get some great matches in 4.0 leagues - they laugh at me and say they couldn't play that low. huh?
Yeah, this one gets me too.

Things like Ultimate Tennis and other flex leagues really skew people's perception of their game. "Hey... I play 4.5 in Ultimate so I am a 4.5." When I say they may be better suited to 3.5 they get offended. They usually sign up for 4.0 USTA and the computer sends them to 3.5 after 1 season. The truth is USTA league and these less competitive leagues are nowhere related. They are decent to recruit from to find the potential self rate that has been out of the game for sometime and came back at a level but 95% of the players are at least .5 at below level and at least 50% are 1.0 too high.
Average over the hill 4.5...
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