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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
when i explain to them that they would get some great matches in 4.0 leagues - they laugh at me and say they couldn't play that low. huh?
Yep, you reminded me of another pet peeve: People who are Too Good to play their level.

I'm not talking about people who also want to play up because they are competitive at the higher level (a 3.5 who wants to play 3.5 and 4.0).

I'm talking about someone who is a 3.5C but who will not play 3.5 level because . . . well, you hear it all.

"There's not enough pace."

"There's too much lobbing."

"It's boring!"

Actually, playing your level isn't any of those things. If there's not enough pace, that's because you're not generating any. If there's too much lobbing, that means you don't have an overhead and swinging volley. If it's boring, it's because you are standing in one spot.

Play your level and dominate. When you have the Mad Tennis Skillz to move up, the computer will move you up.
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