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Originally Posted by NEW_BORN View Post
Let's put it this way. Do you see Federer and Wawrinka hanging out together just the two of them, going to a ball game or having a drink? Because i don't.

Like i said before, at the Olympics they are countrymen playing for their country and yes it was a nice gesture of Fed to let Wawrinka carry the flag, but to me it doesn't necessarily equate to them being friends, merely countrymen.

Again there is no right or wrong answer here. You can continue to believe whatever you wanna believe and i'll go on my merry ways.
Geeze, "a nice gesture".... Can you even hear how you sound.... And of course, you're changing the topic again.... Cause it's all about having a simple beer versus, a HUGE AZZ item that is once in a life time.... Apparently, once in a life time is zippo versus having a beer.
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