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Originally Posted by Emet74 View Post
These kinds of threads always get hung up on the definition of "friends" - does that mean two people who get along when they happen to meet, or does it imply seeking out each other's company?

Fed and Roddick always had a friendly locker-room relationship for example, but never socialized together. Meanwhile, Fed and Haas are genuinely friends; there are a gazillion paparazzi pics of them out socializing together with their wives etc.

Different animal.
Fed and Henman. I think Roger also liked Safin very much. I think Roger didn't like Hewitt much early on because he appeared too in-your-face but later realised he doesn't mean it like that. Fed and Delpo are again pretty close. I think Roger saw him as a potential #1 for a very long time. Sadly for his injuries...........
Our character is defined ,not by others but by ourselves.Peek into your conscience.It tells you everything.

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