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Default Georgia Southwestern State University/Flagler College

Hello fellow tennis lovers.
I'm wondering can anyone give me information on these two schools.
I'd prefer not to be asked why but I want to know everything about them from a tennis point of view. I know about the colleges themselves but it's difficult to gather information about their tennis.

I need information on the following (Men's Tennis) - How high is the standard at both ? How many hours training do they do ? Is it intensive or are they just there to make up the numbers ? What's tennis like in the fall season ? Do the players want to work hard/hungry for success ? Do they get free stuff or is the school on a low budget ? Why are both sides finding it difficult to win matches ? GSW had a season of 3-15 and Flagler were 4-14,is it because of the high standard in the PBC conference ? What are their prospects for next season ?

I know my questions are limited to just 2 schools but if anyone has an info I'd really appreciate it. Also if one wants to discuss anything about the PBC conference feel free to do so!

Thanks very much in advance !!
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