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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Other suggetions... for younger kids who are still developing coordination and motor skills I liked to do a relay race where they have to hold their racket out in front and carry a ball on it. For example line them up on the sidelines and have them carry the ball to the other side then hand it off to another kid. If you have a lot of kids you can do teams and have them compete, otherwise you can have everyone on one team and have them see how many exchanges they can do without the ball touching the ground.

King of the court is great if you have kids who are advanced enough to play out points. I also like to play around the world if you have a large group so there's not a lot of waiting around.

The important things are to make sure its fun and to keep everyone involved. You can't spend a lot of time working on one kid and expect the rest to wait in line patiently or you will lose the attentin of hte whole class in a hurry. Also, before anyone swings a racket (e.g. at the start of a drill/game, or you can even do random checks) I used to make everyone stop and spread their arms out (with racket in hand). If you can touch someone then you are too close and we can't resume play until the line moves back or the kids move to proper spacing. Finally, have fun doing it. Kids will feed off your energy. You're not out there to develop a future Wimbledon champion, you're there to introduce them to the game and make it enjoyable so they want to come back next session.

We used to call this game Jail. Kids love this game. If the last person misses and everyone is released we all yell 'jailbreak!' and you tell the kids to run back over and grab their rackets and get in line again. Good things about this game are that it keeps them all involved and you can adjust what your definition of 'in' means. For pee-wees just starting out I just want them to clear the net so anything over the net is good. As they get better you can play doubles court, singles court, just no man's land, etc. and also vary what kind of shot they hit and from where.

my version of jail..............everyone lines up like ghosts in the graveyard... they hit a shot, if it is good they go to the end of the line.... if their shot is out, they go to jail (stand in the alley), there are a maximum of 2-4 spots in jail, if the jail is full the first in, is the first out.... the goal is to be out of jail when the ball basket is empty, or you have to pick up balls

the kids in jail can yell go to jail while others are hitting
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