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Hitting Partners. Most of the time when I have a hitting partner, we talk about it and start out hitting basically to each other to warm up; and then we will work on different things that happen in a match; ie. our goal is to hit deep. If one of us hits a short ball, it is open season, we can hit whatever type of shot we want, put away, drop shot, or whatever to win the pt after that is the goal. This is just working on our short game and putting away points.

Other shots, we talk about what our goal is and work on those shots overheads, etc. I personally do not think it is a problem to say hit an overhead towards the opposing player in practice. You are only working on your placement and that is never a bad thing.

I think the key with hitting partners is to talk about the expectations. If the other player just has a problem with that, then it is time to look for another hitting partner.
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