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Originally Posted by mike danny View Post
these 2 are the greatest of all time. i know nadal is not done yet but let's see which of their comebacks untill they won a slam was more impressive. federer's comeback period was us open 2011-wimby 2012 and nadal's was february 2013-french open 2013. so which was more impressive?
It's tough to compare. But were they really gone? Fed was there, he wasn't gone, he just wasn't winning slams.

Nadal also won a slam in 2012, so can you really say, he was away? He wasn't competing, but he was training very hard. He was lacking match play, but rest regenerated him also.

Saying this, Nadal was gone long, but Fed is old and has a family. Also we don't know if Nadal will get to nr.1 or win more slams this year. So a bit too early to say.
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