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Orange- the point about football wasn't in respect to the way things are rated simply the concept of a number 2 losing to a number 1, shouldn't affect number 2 per se. they were supposed to lose and did so they might still be number 2 team, but in some rankings that means they drop several slots. schmke's point about the other non-numerical analysis that goes into those rankings make that happen, though in UTSA case i guess it doesn't .

as far as team sports go in baseball they do know how an absence will affect the team, at least they have quantified it statistically, NBA too. i don't know if football has caught up on those stats methods yet. a lot more moving parts in football.

schmke - i have looked at your page actually, it looks like a very intriguing approach. I'll look more when i get more time.
My point about dynamic is that if i have regularly been raising in the rating do they take that trend into affect in my next match, or simple a static comparison of past matches weighted a certain way, similarly with who i beat last time, is he hitting his predictions or below or above them, and if so does that get fed back into what "should" have been our score and change the dynamic where i am at any given week.

last week i played a guy and the score was supposed to be 7-6, 7-6 him. but i win 6-4, 6-4. now the next week his match he is supposed to win 6-2, 6-2 but he only wins 7-6, 6-4. bc hes injured. does the fact that a trend of this guy not doing as good as he "should" get fed back into my rating? that would be dynamic in my mind and i doubt that is the way it is done. Dynamic seems to mean the update it every match and go to a hundredth of a point. so one week i am a 3.15 and the next i am a 3.21. A truly dynamic system has a strong feedback loop

just a question- if the prediction was wrong about a particular match up one the first match does it take that into account if i play that exact same player again in match two? perhaps against a particular opponent we have that whole match up thing where he just can't cope with one thing i do while other players can?

i also hate secretive approaches bc it breeds contempt, i mean if people are going to game the system then they will game system, ppl can throw a match or ppl can throw games to make a rating what it is so, why does the UTSA hide it at all?
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