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My only claim the past 3 years is "about 100 mph".... on my first flats. Some days faster, some slower. None of the posted serves were twists or kickers, slices or pure flats, since nobody had played tennis for at least a month and a half prior to the vids. It was just me serving some for the camera.
CindyS, remember I'm first in line, and you did promise.....
Topspin, I never said my serves were faster than yours. Mine were taken around 9pm, in Berkeley, around 62 degrees, DunlopHDHardCourtChamp balls, which are the slowest and lowest bouncing, and heaviest on the market....for hard courts.
What temps were your serves taken in, what balls?
Played today in heat over 70 degrees, maybe 74. First serves bouncing hip high at the backwall during warmup, maybe 40", twisted 2 around the top of the head to a 6'1" guy, but he pummelled some of my low shorter serves into my service line alley when I left it short.
Surprisingly, second serves, also bounced about the same height at the backfence, but easily 30 mph slower.
Talking IN serves only, of course.
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