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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I think Lance's ball toss height is fine. It leaves the screen, drops more than 2', before contact.
Tanner, Ivanesivic, Rudseski all had what was considered "low" tosses, and served just fine. They tossed much lower than OP.
Lance does "arm" his serves. Lucky he has a live arm. He can turn his body more closed, so he rotates INto his serves. More important, I think, without a good knee spring, is a solid consistent forward drive into the court, so every serve ends with him landing 18" inside his baseline, then before complete recovery, 24-30" inside his baseline.
He lacks that right now, inconsistent forward movement, almost no upwards spring.
Given that, most of us would like to have his live arm and height.

LeeD, you have mentioned multiple times that I have a "live" arm. What exactly does that mean? I have an idea based on context clues but I'd like to know what all it entails when you say that.

As far as landing inside the court, rift now I'm tossing the ball more straight up as opposed to out in front of me. For some reason when I toss it in front of me I don't keep it high, so that's why I'm not moving into the court. I got to overwrite a lot of muscle memory to get that toss right. Practice makes perfect though!
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