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Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
Your timing is off - start sideways, push the hips forward through the baseline (left butt/hip in front), and then serve. Compare to you serve in which you push the hips forward after serving (both knees in front).
I'm sorry, Nellie, I'm not sure if I quite understand you. When you see push my hips forward through the baseline, are you saying for to move them left towards the baseline? And you're suggesting that I do this before I begin my toss? Right now I toss, then basically lower my right hip while raising my left hip, then hitting the ball. And what do you mean "both knees in front"?

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
"live arm" means you don't have to try any, and still hit a hard fast spinny serve.
Lucky you.
You should have played shortstop or pitched in school.
I quit baseball in 6th grade, just never enjoyed it. Picked up tennis in 9th grade and never looked back, but I appreciate that compliment. I do play a little rec league softball in which I've surprised some guys with some decent throws in from the outfield.
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