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Talking The Connors book is absolutely Superb:)

Well i finally finished reading the book last week, and it is absolutely Superb

It is everything I hoped it would be, an open and honest account of Jimmy's life. It gave a great insight into what influenced him and what happened throughout his life. My only criticism is that the book could have been double the size, there is so much more detail and so much more I'd have liked to have heard about.

Anyway, i was lucky enough to get to his book signing in London. Jimmy was brilliant with the fans, chatting to every fan and having photos taken and signing everything, he really was amazingly generous. He was due to be there an hour, but the queue was all the way down the street outside the shop and he spent hours there.

Jimmy not only signed the book, but also 2 of the rackets I brought along, 2 rackets he used to use in the 1980's and 90's (a white Slazenger Panther Pro Ceramic and a yellow Estusa Pro Legend Classic). I asked him about the Estusa's and he said he used the same racket between about 1990 and 1993 under all the different colour paintjobs.

I then pulled out a Slazenger Phantom 90 and a 95 out of my bag. He looked really impressed I had these, and said what a great collection I had there. I asked him which size he used 90 or 95. He held both and had a good look at them, but said it was too long ago and he couldn't remember. I'd have really liked a definite answer (I think it's the 90 by the way), but he just couldn't remember, never mind.

Anyway I really recommend the book, it's a very interesting read even if you're not a Connors fan. If you are a Connors fan like me, it's just a brilliant read

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