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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
As others have said, you already have a firm foundation in your strokes and clearly look athletic enough to continue making progress by getting more of big body movements into your strokes.

Watching the following two videos may give you some more ideas of how to add more to your forehand and serve.

Modern Tennis Forehand Concept ( Hit Like a Pro )
How to hit a Modern Tennis Forehand in HD / Instructional

Nick Bollettieri-Sonic Serve.wmv

Thanks for the links on the modern FH. Good to see some video of what Retrospin was talking about. Had a short practice with my ball machine a few hours ago. Made a conscious effort to turn the shoulder more tonight and drive the stroke with my hip/body turn but the timing was a bit off and still has the tendency to use the " arm" the stroke a lot. Missed hit quite a few but a few connected.

I will try again tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
Hi Jaspert,

It's nice to hear that you got back into Tennis.

I like yours strokes and very nice videos too.

Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.

Thanks Stergios. Good to enjoy tennis again after a long break and good luck with your project. I subscribe to your YouTube channel.
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