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Originally Posted by urban View Post
There is a good article on Pasarell on Tennis Channel online by Joel Drucker. Charlito, who had a clean, classic, textbook style, was the man of the first day at the Big W. He beat Santana, the holder in 1967, lost to Rosewall in five over 3 days in 1968, and lost that epic with his mentor Gonzalez in 1969. His best match was probably a five set loss to Laver at Bologna in 1971, with the 3 last sets all tiebrakers. Richard Evans has described that match in his book Open tennis. Buchholz had the bad luck of cramps. He had matchpoints against Fraser, the eventual champ in Wim 1960, but broke down with cramps. Graebner was a terrific server, and bombed out many good players especially in 1968 and 69. Looked like Clark Kent, with spectacles and short curly black hair.
Cramps are not due to bad luck, but to a lack of conditioning.
Too much time spent lifting a beer mug instead of a barbell or running the courses.
Ashley Cooper had a remedy for cramps, given in a 1964 book by the pro players.
Rapid-fire pushups until exhaustion. Repeat for a two-week period.
Guaranteed cure for cramps.
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