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Originally Posted by jw-simon View Post
I appreciate your point it's just I'm looking for info from an outside source.

Obviously the coaches would build these places up. I'm just hoping someone on here has info about them-maybe played against them/watched their matches/practices etc.
I want to know are these guys competitive and train hard ! JW-S
Flagler traditionally up until recently was a top team when they were NAIA and now DII. They looked to have dropped off some in the past few of years. GSW I have no idea but looking on Tennisrecruiting I recognize some of their players from the Southerns. Decent players but no idea how they have improved since going to play college. As previously mentioned you should ask the coach. Ask him how hard he works the players and request a sample schedule for what a week of practice is like. Set up a recruiting visit to the schools and ask the players in person. The likelihood of a player or person coming here with first hand knowledge to answer your questions is pretty low. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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