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Originally Posted by mptennis View Post
Well how about that, didn't know anyone else from the area was on this site. Sounds and Kody have been hitting pretty often, and another guy...need one more for some good doubles. I'll PM you my number.
I don't use this very often anymore, I used to be a real regular back in my high school days, I learned a lot from some of these guys and girls!

but for what its worth, ( I didn't really read anyone elses comments so I may just be beating a dead horse) it looks to me like you are relying on your height, and not enough on leg drive and carrying your momentum through the court. I also notice you are dumping a few in the bottom of the net, which is a clear sign of dropping your front shoulder (arm) too early.

few things to remember that I have always kept in my head that have helped me a lot especially in matches when things want to collapse:

if you are dumping serves into the net you are probably dropping your shoulder too early.
if you are hitting deep, you have probably gotten lazy (or tight) and arn't swinging as fast as you should be.

it's pretty obvious in the video you have pretty fast swing speed, just think if you got your legs into it!
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