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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
I just wish you know where you are at all times. I don't think that will lead to cheating. like if you are at 4.8, I like to know that.
I think USTA publishing a more precise rating would be a very bad idea.

It will lead to some cheating, by allowing people to more effectively "manage" their rating so that they don't get bumped up.

But that would not even be my main concern. More concerning is that people are going to view the rating as an absolute measure of ability, when in fact it is not nearly that precise at the micro level.

For example, imagine a captain puts Player A in the lineup for a crucial match instead of Player B, despite the fact that Player B has a 0.1 higher rating. The captain could very well think A is actually a better player, or a better matchup for the potential opponent. Now a good teammate would accept this, but as we know there are always squeaky wheels, and this would just give them more ammo.
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