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Question how do i come on top of this situation??


i just played my second match in a half amateur tourny.
the match wasn't finished because of some time limits (club closed).

i need some precise help here, i'll explain the situation:

i have a decent game usually, except maybe for net game which i tend to avoid.
i have effective serves, decent groundies i can control, good lobs, slices, and i'm a fast runner (but i'm pretty short).

ok, now - the guy i played against has a totally different game than me. his groundies are below average, especially the backhand. slow mover, but coming from mostly doubles matches, he is exceptionally good at the net, also coming into the net (volleys, overheads). he also has a good 1st serve.

first set he was still struggling and i won 6-2 pretty easily.
i had a problem with my forehand, it just left the building, many nets and sitters, so i was relying mostly on my solid backhand.
2nd set he took control, many times winning at the net, overcoming many good lobs. i played very bad and lost 6-1. he even managed to punish me on my decent returns with great volleys.

we stopped at the 3rd set when he broke me once and it's 3-2, his serve.

my only idea (that obviously didn't work well), was to always aim to get deep to his backhand. if my game was on, i could have taken the 2nd set.
but i just had NO forehand at all. it was ridiculous.

now, let's say i'll get my forehand back,
can anyone give me specific game plan on how to win this? (ANY idea is acceptable).
today i have a coach lesson, so i can use it to get more prepared (maybe i can think of a specific drill?)


P.S - i forgot to mention this guy was Romanian, and he came to the match with his dad (also his doubles partner apparently) who sat inside the court, and gave him instructions between the games. they were very friendly so we joked about it but obviously it helped him
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