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OK, first off, your forehand didn't leave the building on its own. Your form broke down, probably because he saw he couldn't win straight up and altered his approach to playing moonballs and charging the net. I would guess that your forehand timing was affected by having to play a variety of shots instead of just settling into a rally. Perhaps you are looking up prematurely to see if he is at the net.

So job one is to concentrate on your own form.

Job two is to counteract his pattern of moonballs and getting to the net. Generally, a moonball is not a good ball to come in on, because it is easy to run around it and hit a forehand or lob off it. However, it does give the player plenty of time to get in really close to the net. If he is doing that, you have to keep lobbing, just don't be hitting easy putaways. It's better to hit it long, then adjust. You can also try taking moonballs out of the air, not as hard as it looks.

The way to get to his backhand is to set it up by hitting wide to his forehand, then coming back to the backhand.

Basically, I think you need to regain confidence in your FH and you will be fine. Go back to basic fundamentals, prepare early, keep your eye on the ball, etc.
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