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A couple of months ago, or even a few weeks ago, I might have slammed you for posting serena pics.

I think to a certain extent we have all been brainwashed by certain arbitrary media standards of beauty so we are programmed NOT to see the beauty inherent in ALL women.

I have learned this fact very gradually from my friends over the years and have finally come to accept it.

You can either use a very narrowly defined template for 'beauty' or you can use MULTIPLE definitions of beauty, and/or LOOK for the beauty in a woman.

Sure, genie and mandy and perhaps a dozen others make a 'consensus list' of conventionally attractive beautiful women, but that's not to say that many, many others are not beautiful as well.

Keep on keepin' on.

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There are soooo many more of these, but I am not masochistic enough to post them here in the land of the Serena haterz...

(Poor girl on left is suffering from noassitol)
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