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Default ATP top 100 stats: Effects of age, height, 1hbh, etc.

I compiled some basic player profile data on the Top 100 from the ATP website and did some number crunching for fun. The data is from last week's (June 10, 2013) Top 100 list, so it's already somewhat out of date.

There are some facts that we all know, but hopefully there's also some interesting tidbits and angles.

If you find the tables confusing/scary/boring, just read the accompanying text, which is hopefully better.

Some highlights:

- 25% of the Top 100 are 30 years or older.

- Younger players turned pro sooner.

- Younger players are taller.

- The 1hbh didn't seem to delay turning pro.

- The Top 50 is taller than the top 51-100, but not younger.

- The Top 50 turned pro at a younger age.

- Ranking, in general, is not affected by: 1hbh vs. 2hbh, age or left-handedness. It is affected by physique.

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