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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Bumped for relevancy.
1982 and 1976 hoodjem.. In 1982, Lendl did go 4-0 versus McEnroe and if you look at the ranking year, he did win the Masters in Jan. 83. Yet, missing Wimbledon is a minus. Then, you have Wilander taking the French Open and Connors winning Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. I'd give the nod to Connors and then it's close for #2 between Lendl and McEnroe, but Lendl does have the edge head to head. I was happy for Connors when he was able to do so well in 1982 at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon especially.

In 1976, Borg wins Wimbledon and he did it without losing a set. No other player in the Open Era has done that but I'm not sure about before that. In 1976, the WCT was where Borg made his mark outside of Wimbledon, especially with his WCT Finals title. He lost in the quarters at the French Open to eventual champ Panatta, while Connors could not play the French Open at all due to his WTT participation. Tanner beat Connors in straight sets at Wimbledon in the QF, so we missed a Borg-Connors Wimbledon SF. Borg took out Vilas, Tanner, and Nastase all in straight sets. He played some great tennis during that hot fortnight at Wimbledon.
Bjorn Borg defied analysis. No one could manufacture a man that won 6 French Open and 5 straight Wimbledon titles. - Andrew Longmore

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