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Hang in there.

There are a lot of shots in match play that make it hard to use grooved strokes.

Opponents hit loopy shots, slice - all sorts of things that throw off your timing.

Lollypop serves can be tantalizingly tough - too short to take a good swing at and not have a high percentage of unforced errors.

The solution is more match play. While you have been on your 2 year hiatus, your opponents have been finding a way to deal with the above problems.
Soon, you will deal with them too.
Often it is with the "getting the ball back one more time" philosophy, rather than risky point winners.

What are your first and second serve percentages?
What is your first serve and second percentages when you are serving either in the game to lose or win the set?

Stress is real - the body produces adrenaline making it harder to replicate the complex movements of a serve.

Consider some of the following:

Use more of a spin serve as your first serve, so there will be less second serves to have to hit (and double fault).
[There really is a "hard" kick or slice serve hit slightly more in front than for your second serve, but that may greatly increase your first serve percentage.]

In games that decide the set, use the above serve philosophy.

Start the match hitting kick and slice serves to draw your oponent off the court, then hit to the open court as your next shot.
This will increase your first serve percentage and give you more practice at the slice and kick serves your will need as your second serves.
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