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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
nice looking grub! What beer did u use for the beer batter?

snake bite is initally felt like a harsher RPM Blast in the beginning. Now it's gotten alot more softer after alittle break in time. I would say it's still firmer than Silverstring (which is still my fav poly). But it's really got great bite. Got a half a set of Snake Bite left if you want to try out. Do you work in DC? If so, JRStriker and I can meet you for lunch. I remember back when you mentioned you played on the tennis courts near Federal Reserves. Still need to get access to them courts.

Powercord seems very soft after hitting against my palm this morning. Hoping it'll be a silverstring equivalent. I strung it in the lower-mid 40's too.

My fav string for Goldenset is still Maximal. Wow, it's really soft and comfortable. It's like pillow fighting with a tennis ball. Just that it has really bad tension maint.
Cool... I used Modelo Especial I think and some chili powder in with the flour. It came out great. I haven't had much of a chance to play on the Fed tennis courts so far this year. Ill have time later this summer. And when Im not in a project crunch, I can meet you guys for lunch. I do usually go out for lunch on Fridays too.

For the tennis string, I'm looking for something with good tension maintenance, soft poly, good spin. I'm interested in trying out the Yonex string. The demo I tried had it and I liked it. No idea how old it was or tension. Plus the fluorescent yellow might distract my opponents!
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