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Default Advice for a young player?

Hello, i'm a young high school tennis player, and I have a few questions/requests for tips here.

First of all I have a question about my own shots. I normally hit shots that just barely clear the net, with maybe at most 5-10 cm of clearance. One of my previous high school coaches mentioned that I have good topsin, however I feel that my shots are actually pretty flat without much topspin, so what would be the case? (p.s, my shot usually just go past the T then bounce to baseline) so do my shots have topspin or not o.o

And also, i need some tips...normally during practice and fun games I can hit really good shots and I have good strategy....but during single matches I sorta tense up and end up being a pusher as I just bounce the ball over as i'm afraid that if i hit my normal shots they' wont work during the match and then hope my opponents make a mistake. This ends up with me losing quite a bit, and I'd like to find out if there's anyways i can fix this problem of mine. (ps. i dont tense up in doubles matches, maybe cuz I have a partner wit me or somethin?)

I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me out.

Thanks in adv
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