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Default Tips against a 4.5 'Del Potro'

So tomorrow I have a bragging rights best of 3 sets match planned against a fellow club member. As you may have guessed from the title he is some way north of 6' tall, and he can hit with a lot of power. However, normally he will not use all of this power and will simply hit with enough power to force his opponent out of the court.

Normally my tactic is to overpower my opponent with power placement and spin, Federer style, however judging on previous rallying and doubles matches with this player this will end very badly for me, as neutral rallies will almost always result in him pushing me out of the court. This is probably because he is about a foot taller than me and built like a linebacker.

What tactics would people suggest that I utilise to stop this guy getting into a groove against me, given that:
  • I probably have a better serve and return than him, but not by enough to win on free points.
  • I hit with more spin than him, so I can probably play sharper angles, but this is a low percentage play compared to hitting it down the middle.
  • I can move fast enough to get to most of his attacking shots, unless he his shots are very well grooved.
  • Sometimes I can mix in the occasional net rush, but if he is expecting it my Volleys are far worse than his groundstrokes.
  • My backhand slice should be able to draw a few errors
  • I can out-grind most players if I can force the match to go on and on, but this requires me to hold my ground in the first place
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