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Based on the strengths that you list above, one thought is to hit a couple of solid rally balls first, use your spin and power to keep him back but hit to safe targets, then slice. If you can pull off that change of pace without hurting yourself, then the change of pace might mess with him a bit. If he throws up a weaker ball then that would be the time to hit something more aggressive location wise.

If you can vary spin, again without hurting yourself, go for a couple high spin, high pace, safe placement shots (so relatively safe) and then go just a bit flatter to a safe target (not flat, don't kill it, just less spin). Again, you're just trying to test his ability to adjust and get him to cough up a weaker shot or maybe even an UFE.

You said he plays doubles so I'm guessing he has approach shots and can volley. If not, draw him up there. But a big, tall guy at net who can volley isn't a great thing.

Whatever you do, make sure that it involves hitting shots that are safe and that you like to hit. I personally put a big premium on this since most tennis is about UFEs so you don't want to get so wrapped up in the "best" strategic plan that you throw away the match.
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