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Do the thrower's ten to help prevent overuse injuries to your shoulder, elbow an wrist from all your serve practice:

You can use a theraband flexbar at your desk: Thera-Band FlexBar Video Demonstration

The serve is powered by the whole body in a kinetic chain fashion, with the power rippling up from your leg push off, through a dynamic uncoiling/reversal of the bow shape of your core, and finally up into the arm.

Like any chain, it is only as strong as it's weakest link.

For a total body workout consider:
Tennis Weight Training - Exercises of Weight Training for Tennis

Many prefer to use these long summer evenings to play more tennis, and concentrate on starting a more rigorous strengthening program for the fall/winter.

But here is an approach for a more prolonged weight training program:
The Elite Approach to Tennis Strength Training
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