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I don't want to be a downer but if he's truly a 4.5, hitting slices, etc isn't going to work. Its going to be a lot more complex like a game of chess. If a 4.5 can't consistently return a slice then he's not a 4.5. I'm not saying that is an effective shot as he is tall, rather its not one or two shots that is going to break down his game.

You are going to have to be on top of your MENTAL game. Pay attention to every point, which shots he misses and which shot he makes. Keep the percentages in his mind, if you are at the net and he always goes down the line start anticipating it. If you hit a short angle shot and he returns with a loopy cross court shot to put him back in the rally, take that ball early and take away time from him. You see he's having trouble on his back hand, every ball to his backhand.

I have a tendency to take balls early and never back up regardless of how hard my opponent is hitting the ball. It’s one of my many flaws that I’m working on. If he's hitting a huge ball, take a couple steps back behind the baseline! Just because he hits a hard ball doesn't mean you have to hit it harder back.

If you know his game is better then yours you start playing the man. I'm not saying be a jerk but figure out what gets him frustrated. YOU have to figure it out, its going to be a MENTAL game.
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