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Originally Posted by quencheu96 View Post
Ahh thank you very much for the advice. I'll guess I'll just have to play more to get more confidence in my shots during matches.
There you go. Remember that when we're on the practice courts, we can pay attention to our own technique much more than when playing points. During a match, most of our conscious attention shifts to what's going on across the net and as far as our own shots are concerned, we can only use what we've developed and can reproduce without much of any thought process.

It's important to hone our skills on the practice courts, but it's equally important to practice that unconscious recall in a match situation. Here's the catch: long term improvement will probably cost you some defeat in the near term. To get better at trusting your best shots instead of your safe shots during competition though, you'll need to take that leap of faith here and there.

During some settings where you're playing for points, redefine your measure of success for that session so that it's not about the score, but using those full shots instead of the "safe" alternatives. Even if you spend some tiebreaks or a few sets spraying the ball around, you should feel good when you're swinging away. When your default moves to those full strokes, you'll be able to call on them without thinking about it.
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