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Originally Posted by prayingd View Post
I have a 12 year old Tennis Tutor Ball Machine that still works very well, although it has gone through several batteries & many cleanings. However, the balls now jam regularly because 2 of the "spring (arm?) thingies" that help control the ball feed are rusty and bent. Is there a replacement part, or a suitable substitute part I can use?

IMHO - this machine should be in the "Ball Machine Hall of Fame".

Thanks for any help.
Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, however I do have a question. What kind of life do you get from your batteries? I mean actual life of the battery itself, and not running time. I ask because I have had one of these machines for 3 years now and I have had to replace the battery every year. I only use the machine late spring through early fall (once or twice a week), yet when I go to use the machine in the spring the following year I find that the battery will not keep a charge anymore. Have you had better results with your batteries?
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