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I chose Wembley for 1949, 1952, 1956, 1961, 1962, 1964 because these were the best available tournaments for those years IN WHICH THE TOP TWO GUYS SQUARED OFF.
In 1958, Hoad did not play Wembley, and in 1960 Gonzales did not play Wembley.
Their biggest showdowns took place at Kooyong in 1958 and Forest Hills in 1959.
For 1960, the match of the year was on January 1, at Kooyong.

I doubt that Rosewall would have won at Wimbledon in 1972. His last big slam win came at Forest Hills in 1970.
Dan, Frank Sedgman told me that the Wembley tournament was the World's pro championship.

Rosewall would have had good chances to win at Wimbledon in 1972 as he had won the WCT Championships shortly before. His last big Slam win came in 1971 (AO).
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