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Originally Posted by StringingIrvine View Post
I don't want to be a downer but if he's truly a 4.5, hitting slices, etc isn't going to work. Its going to be a lot more complex like a game of chess. If a 4.5 can't consistently return a slice then he's not a 4.5. I'm not saying that is an effective shot as he is tall, rather its not one or two shots that is going to break down his game.
I'll disagree in part with this. The idea isn't that hitting a slice is going to make the guy completely miss or cough up a floater on a regular basis. It's more subtle than that. If you pounded a couple of good topspin groundies and then hit a decent slice (not a floating junk ball 5 feet over the top of the net that sits up, but a ball with some back and side spin, clears the net by a foot, with decent pace), it's enough of a change up that the guy is going to have to track the ball as it tails away, get down on it and hit it.

A 4.5, 5.0, a pro, whatever will have to adjust to this. You might get an UFE if the guy's a bit lazy, though probably not. You might get a weaker ball as he has to make an adjustment, more likely. The most likely outcome is that you get a decent but more careful shot back. This could allow you to respond with a more forcing shot that starts to put some real pressure on your opponent - again not necessarily a winner just hurting him a bit more.

Of course he might just rip on your slice, also possible. If he does that a couple of times then you need another plan (and probably need to go work on your slice).
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