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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
Extreme grip does not make hitting high balls any easier. a correct technique and good execution do.
As the grip becomes more extreme, the face of the racket gets more closed. Because of this, the clean contact for a top spin stroke is easier to achieve on higher balls -- of course, all other things equal. It's not to say that your grip will determine everything, but it's one thing out of many which makes a difference.

So, I have to disagree with your post. A more extreme grip WILL make hitting higher balls easier. However, executing the movement properly is just as important as holding the racket correctly!
Originally Posted by tennis_hack
The guy who said a little more than sw - wtf is that!? An eastern forehand grip turned round to hit backhands with!? That is wrist-breaking stuff.
That's a slight exaggeration, but I do contend with you that there might be little point in going anywhere further. Of course, comfort is also important... if he can make it happen, who are we to tell him he's doing it wrong?
Originally Posted by mikeler
This is what I used when I was employing the 1 hander.
And because of one of your posts, I now do the same. I'll never go back to an eastern backhand grip!

Originally Posted by LeeD
I find strong grips have a small sweetspot, need to be taking the ball much earlier, and that doesn't work against deep incoming balls.
Having tried the western forehand, I felt that too, but not on my backhand. I always feel like I can do something decent off my backhand side. If the ball is deep or if I am forced to hit from a less-than-ideal position, I can still play my backhand. I always hope my opponent doesn't notice I am comfortable hitting it, that he'll be dumb enough to take the bet that every amateur has backhand troubles... hope is a nice thing, but dreams do not always come true XD.
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