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Originally Posted by BU-Tennis View Post
I disagree with that statement, yes even Nadal hits "low" over the net but his low is usually around a foot, my low is just barely skimming, like the OP. Plus, a high amount of topspin makes the ball drop down sooner and does not make it go deeper than a flat stroke.

But I do agree with the changing grip statement. I play with an eastern grip, I hit flat shots (at least off the forehand, I spin my backhands much more since I can't hit them as hard), and I have tried adjusting but its just not the way I play.

To the OP, since you are playing with an eastern grip and definitely hitting flat, your style should be to play aggressive and dictate the points. You won't be able to get enough topspin on the ball (unless you play with a straight arm like federer which allows for more topspin to be applied) to keep playing long rallys; so if your shot isn't hit with authority it will just situp and be easily attackable.

I hit the same as you and I win a lot of matches, but I definitely suffered from fear of missing when I first started out and would end up pushing a lot. I think I got over that fear when I realized I cannot play defensive and must be the attacker, and dedicated myself to that type of tennis.
Thank you very much for the tips! And once I'm done exams in two days, I'll give the western grip a shot since I already have a pretty good windshield movement with my eastern grip
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