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Originally Posted by Carlitoboy View Post
Does anyone know why the frame is mounted higher than the clutch of the drop weight? ...
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to provide for 360 deg rotation...
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That and by keeping a more consistent bend angle at the frame you get a more even tension on every string.
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isn't this the exact opposite of what you normally say regarding this issue?
I certainly hope not, if I ever did I was flat out wrong. My stringer has a Wise tension head with the Gamma Adapter which raises the level of the gripper to the level of the string bed. So if I am pulling on the center strings (mains and/or crosses) the tension pulled is just about exactly the same as the reference tension or what I have the tension set at. when I pull the outer mains or top and bottom crosses there is a bend of the string at the frame and the greater the bend the more the friction and the lower the tension. I did a video to demonstrate that.

If the tensioner gripper is mounted below the string bed the tension being pulled on the string instide the frame will never be the same as the tension pulled on the string outside the frame because of the surface friction at point where the string bends causes a tension loss. Until the get to the outside string where the horizontal bend is greater than the vertical bend of the string (with the tensioner gripper below the level of the stringbed) the tension will remain constant. With the gripper at the same level as the string bed the tension being applied to the center string (mains and crosses) will be greater. So if your tensioner gripper is the same as the level of the string bed you will have an automatic proportional stringer because as the angle of the bend increases the tension goes down.

Don't ask if that is good or bad because I have no idea.
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