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Default Where are the 2014 and 2015 Div 1 NCAA tennis championships

being held?

I have checked the ITA website and cannot find any information. I read somewhere that UGA had the 2014's, but the official NCAA website currently says (TBD). A few weeks ago an "in the know" UVA poster on the UVA Sabre tennis website said that UVA would get it, because of a rumored new big time outdoor facility to be built near the current 12 indoor court facility at Boars Head Tennis and Sports Club where both the men's and women's team indoor have been held. Some as yet unnamed donor was supposedly going to put up the money and he apparently has lots of it. UVA has not announced anything official about a new outdoor tennis facility and the current one is probably not suitable, although there are 12 courts. UVA always has a graduation weekend conflict, so I doubt Charlottesville has the hotel rooms to handle both unless they move the NCAA's back a week.

Has anyone here heard anything? I was told by someone, who would know that WF had put in a bid for the 2015 NCAA Div 1 tournament at their new tennis facility. I have seen it and it would be fine tennis wise with 6 indoor courts adjacent to the site. Supposedly MSU's #1 Bogaerts (sp?) is transferring to WF along with another MSU player. Is this official?

One last thing, there was talk last year about changing the current format of 16 men's and women's teams at the same site. Has anyone heard any thing about future changes? I think 32 teams are tough to handle and I have been to to the last 6 NCAA championships. Miraculously the predicted rain stayed away this year, but an all day rain on the first 4 days would be tough to handle. Since the top 5 or 6 teams almost never lose in the first round, I think a final 8 format would be better.

Not sure how you get down to 8 teams, but maybe they could expand the first weekend regionals from 4 to 8 teams.
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