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Default 1HBH return of serve - open stance

So now I am facing some better servers and I do chip/slice on my BH but I want to learn to block and drive.

I cannot find any resources on this, well I did find one that looked at Fed's return, and the focus seemed to be on strong shoulder turn in the open stance.

Can anyone offer further practical advice eg

- I currently wait in continental, as I can block my Fh return with that and chip and slice my BH return
- on the 1HBH drive do I need to go all the way to my usual EBH grip or can it be done from conti or slight EBH?
- should I be waiting in EBH?
- is it as simple as strong shoulder turn and getting the legs in the right place?
- my shoulder turn on the BH is not the quickest, any drills I can do to work on this?

thanks all
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