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Originally Posted by Gut4Tennis View Post
The Boars Head Inn prices might be a bit much for most teams budget
Since UVA owns Boars Head, if they get the NCAA's I am sure the prices will not be a problem, plus they can clear as many rooms as needed. While getting to C'ville by plane is not very convenient due to the small airport and few flights, Richmond's airport is 80 miles away and DC is about 120.

BH and this rumored new tennis facility combined with the existing 12 indoor courts in case of rain would be the nicest place for the players and most convenient arrangement ever for the NCAA tennis championships.

The BH tennis club already has something like 18+- outdoor clay (Har Tru) courts and I think 3 hard courts, so converting more to hard would be easy to do. I have been there many times and adding enough seating, much like UI has done should be doable. Not needing to build a brand new facility will be cheaper and quicker, so IF UVA is in the running for getting the NCAA's it could be done by next year and certainly by 2015.
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