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No one said UVA would get it, just that UVA was likely going to bid for the 2015 event. They would absolutely have to build a new outdoor facility, as Snyder is not a suitable facility to host a tournament like the NCAAs.

The hotel situation would work very well for competitors, because UVA's Indoor facility (and the presumed location of the new outdoor facility) are a short walk from more than enough hotel rooms that UVA could hold for the NCAAs.

Charlottesville is also undergoing a bit of a hotel boom right now. The City did an analysis of hotel room occupancy rates in the area (they are ridiculously high, well above industry standard). The results of that study have been pushed out to hotel operators, and they are responding. I'd guess there will be an additional 500 rooms in the market by 2015, easy.
Love Charlottesville. If they had the courts, the city would be a great place to host.

Didn't Wake Forest build an NCAA-worthy facility?

NCAA tennis hosting has always been a limited group of locations for the most part. I loved attending in Champaign this year because I live close, so I hope they get it again. But, it looks like the hosting pool is about to get bigger.

And, also, just because a school hosts doesn't mean that it will take the same regular place in the cycle as a more established host. For example, Champaign (U of Illinois) established itself as a viable host. I'm sure they could get the tournament again if they want it. But, they're not going to get it as often as a Georgia or Stanford. So, it could go back to Georgia twice or three times before coming around to Champaign again.

Georgia, Stanford, Tulsa, A&M, Illinois are the established hosting schools (am I missing something.

But, we could see UVA, Wake Forest, Rice (is their new place going to be NCAA specs?) come into the mix. I always wondered why no SoCal school hosts. Does the NCAA want an on-campus facility?
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